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Dear Website Visitor,


Peaking at our website probably means you suffer from some pain (acute or longer term) or you might have an interest in getting your body to peak performance and like it to function optimally.

This site is setup to help you feel comfortable in deciding if our approach is right for you.

I was a back pain patient once suffering greatly under the often disabling condition. As many of my patients I was also quite frustrated with the help received; it was mostly ineffective or just a short-term bandaid approach.

My journey to get help brought me all the way from my native Switzerland to right here in Oakland, where an ‘outside-of-the-box’ thinking chiropractic physician approached my problem from an engineering rather then pharmacological perspective.  I received the most complete care at that point; a few sessions gave me relieve for months, where as before I often suffered daily.

After that experience, I decided to devote my life to learning methods that help other sufferers get rid from pain, so that they can enjoy life to its fullest again!

At our office, we revitalize your system by returning your skeletal apparatus and connecting muscles to function optimally again. Our approach is wholesome and holistic without the use of drugs or surgery: we adjust your joints  gently as well as awaken inhibited or symptomatic muscles.

Healing with us doesn’t stop there, as we show & empower you with ways to stretch and strengthen the involved tissues. This way you can create long-term pain relief from the comfort of your home.

In addition to the chiropractic work, I am also a professor of Anatomy and Physiology at a local nursing college. The experience with my pupils help tremendously in educating my own patients, as I believe it imperative that those whom we treat fully understand the cause of their ailments and in doing so grow motivated to participate proactively in their own recovery.

An informed patient makes good treatment all the more effective: allegorically speaking, we give you a hammer and teach you how to use it, and together we build a house of good health.

We hope examining these pages helps you get an understanding of our experience and make you feel comfortable to make an appointment and have us help you.

I assure you, we will take our time to evaluate your situation properly to find the cause or your problem. We then help you setup a plan of action to fix it!


Dr. Christoph Muehlinghaus
Chiropractic Physician / Professor of Anatomy


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