Meet the Doctor

Thank you for showing interest in my professional career path.

I grew up in Switzerland. My early professional studies focused around the insurance industry. Due to life long struggles with the movement apparatus, I gravitated towards learning alternative healing methods to alleviate pain. I came to the US to first study bodywork in general and then chiropractic as my specialty. I developed a deep appreciation for both the muscular and skeletal systems.

During and after my training, I first interned and then associated with Dr. Abby Irwin (Team chiropractor of the US Women’s Rugby Team & chiropractor at ’96 Atlanta and ’02 Salt Lake City Olympic games) as well as Dr. William Ruch (author of ‘Atlas of Common Subluxations of the Human Spine and Pelvis’). I assisted Dr. Ruch in teaching technique seminars as well as taught for him at Life Chiropractic College West multiple times.

In 2004, I joined the main local medical group that has now morphed into Sutter Health, which is currently one of the largest medical networks in the US. As one of the three chiropractic specialists, I designed a health education program with the goal in mind to provide better musculoskeletal care at lower cost. Together with a physical therapist, we combined a theoretical lecture with individualized screening evaluation and exercise instructions. If indicated, the network would allow short-term chiropractic care, even if not covered by insurance.

Supporting documentation for Back Pain seminar series within a traditional medical setting:
Back Pain Lecture
Science of Low Back Pain
Proposal for a rational, integrated treatment approach to low back pain

From 2005 to present I have been affiliated as part-time faculty of anatomy & physiology at a local community nursing college letting me deepen and anchor my anatomy knowledge both through continued teaching as well as cadaver dissections. Please review my ‘Introduction to A&P’ class and PDF book (in chapter format). I am currently expanding the class to an online format.

Along the way in 2007, retired football great and 4-time Super Bowl Champion Bill Romanowski became my patient. He is known throughout the league for his stellar work and training ethic and holds the league record of having played 17 ½ years straight without ever missing a game. His experience of having tried every sensible treatment he could find to keep his body and performance top notch became my teaching guide.

In 2014 I furthered my studies with a diplomate training level course series in the AMIT method (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique), which is one of the only techniques that focuses on improving muscle function by increasing their activity rather than reducing spasms or adhesions. Because this helps keep muscle tissue ‘young’ so to speak, athletes as well as active people perform at a higher level with less risk of injury. I am currently still the only AMIT practitioner in California, having patients fly in from as far as Seattle and San Diego. The work is only sparingly known in Europe.

Besides athlete’s testimonials, what convinced me to study the AMIT method is the fact that the Utah Jazz Basketball team performed with 60% less injuries then the leagues average over a 25-year span during which the players received the work delivered by my own teacher Dr. Craig Buhler.

See what athletes say about receiving the AMIT work:
See Dr. Buhler’s TED talk:
At this point, I have treated multiple athletes from both the Raider Football Franchise as well as the Stanford University Football Team.

Please review some of my methods on these short videos:

My treatment principles explained:
(3:36 min);
Rib cage involvement in upper back pain:
(2:30 min);
Hip Pain with degeneration:
(2:47 min);
Acute, knife stabbing mid-back pain:
(5:45 min);
AMIT muscle stimulation:
(6:53 min);
Chronic low back pain patient able to get off morphine:
(14:41 min)
Also, please review testimonial videos presented on the homepage as well as on yelp.
I am currently in the process of designing a practical anatomy class of the movement apparatus, combining evaluation and treatment of biomechanical ailments affecting the skeletal, facial, and muscular components of the system and integrating it neurologically. I’m combining works from Dr. Travel, Tom Myers, Vladimir Janda, as well as Alain Beardall and others.

Dr. Christoph Muehlinghaus

Chiropractic Physician / Professor of Anatomy