The breakthrough Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) is used to treat muscle and joint injuries and pain. The AMIT method provides patients the incredible possibility to recover from injuries in hours instead of weeks.

Oakland chiropractor & anatomy professor, Dr. Christoph Muehlinghaus has become the first physician in California undergoing the AMIT certification program.

Dr. Muehlinghaus is pleased to announce that he is now offering this groundbreaking AMIT method to treat joint and soft tissue injuries at his Oakland clinic.

“I’m so excited to offer AMIT to the local community”, Dr. Muehlinghaus says. “My client, the football pro Bill Romanowski told me to go study the AMIT method, so I went. The studies associated with learning AMIT have been intense, but learning the amazing ways this modality treats both acute and chronic injuries, made it totally worth it!

The Advanced Muscle Integration Technique will be of tremendous benefit to any of my patients as we take a novel approach to stimulate inactive muscles and ‘turn’ them back on. This balances muscle and joint function, which decreases pain very effectively. It also optimizes ones entire musculoskeletal structure helping patients overcome injuries faster with more complete healing.”


The AMIT method was pioneered by chiropractor and nationally ranked long distance runner Dr. Alan Beardall. He realized that a painful injury such as an ankle sprain neurologically shuts off affected muscles to prevent further damage and pain. The body compensates for the loss and adapts into other tissues. It also protects the ankle by shifting the weight to the opposite leg.

The good news is that this strategy likely helps ‘heal’ the pain. However, the imbalance and functional deficit still remains. This leads to further injury and a decrease in performance. Dr. Beardall discovered ways to stimulate and re-invigorate shut-off muscles neurologically.

“It’s absolutely startling, of how much more strength I felt in my shoulder after Christoph re-set a few of my muscles”, one of his patient’s says. “I carried my heavy purse on that side to realize I couldn’t do that before. And the cool thing is, the shoulder still feels better weeks after the treatment!”

Dr. Craig Buhler further evolved and perfected the AMIT technique during his tenure with the Utah Jazz Basketball Team. He helped them keep their injury rates 60% lower then the national average over a 26 year time span!

Prolonging Sports Careers

Chronic injuries sideline many athletes, and they are the number one reason why active sports people, be it professional players or weekend warriors, eventually ‘throw in the towel’.

Football greats such as Bill Romanowski or Basketball Hall-of-Fame player John Stockton swear that the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique allowed them to play long, successful careers.

The AMIT method, through its novel approach of neurologically awakening muscles and balancing the musculoskeletal system, enables anybody to perform and function optimally and pain-free. It gives people at every level an edge as they are able to access more of their muscle power without the need to compensate.

If you want to learn more about how the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique helps Oakland’s active residents gain a competitive edge, resolve existing injuries faster, or even more excitingly, prevent future injuries from happening, please contact Dr. Muehlinghaus by setting up a consultation appointment.

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