As a new patient, you should give yourself about an hour’s time.

After filling out some initial forms, which you can download here, we will take our time to get a good understanding of your health concern. Once the history is taken, we evaluate the involved body structures, mainly bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles, to find the causes of your discomfort.

Together, we’ll then discuss and decide on a plan of action of how to best help you.

Our approach involves multiple modalities as you can see under the service tab above.

Generally, over 95% of all body pains occur within the musculoskeletal system. Most of them respond positively when the function of the involved parts improves.

On your first visit, we start helping your skeletal system improve by gently re-aligning slightly out-of-place joints that sometimes get stuck and cause discomfort.

We will involve muscle function on follow-up visits. Our specialty of activating inhibited muscles balances the musculoskeletal system so that symptomatic relieve becomes long-lasting. Check for Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) under the service tab for more information.

The cost of an initial appointment is $155.

Follow up visits range depending on what modality is utilized. The standard visit runs $85.
For details, please look for the Fees tab under Services.

We do accept insurance. Please check with your carrier for coverage details. A common hurdle if you have an HMO carrier includes the fact that your medical group must either be Alta Bates Medical Group (ABMG) or Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation (SEBMF). Your Primary Doctor (PCP) also needs to request your initial visit with us from the medical group. If you have a PPO insurance, most commonly, patient’s are unaware of their deductible, which can be quite high.