What conditions do we treat? That question comes up quite a bit and I can give you a list of complicated sounding words. But it is simpler then that. Basically, if you have body and joint pains and they don’t come from a broken bone, a tumor or infection, we can likely help you. We are well trained in dealing with many both acute and chronic conditions.

How much we can help is a different question, but you might be surprised. This is because, over 95% of our body aches and pains come from the musculoskeletal system, that’s your muscles and bones. Most of those problems are best mitigated by analyzing and improving the function of the system.

Watch this 3 1/2 minute video to learn more about general methodology.

Our clinic is delivering chiropractic services … and then some.

We have strong roots in the world of massage therapy and view the neuro-musculo-skeletal system as a whole. Our treatments likely include multiple modalities, just depending your individual need.

Please investigate below of different modalities we specialize in.

…The AMIT Method is our latest treatment modality addition. Check it out:

We have also started to make videos showing different patient treatments. Check out below:
(sorry about the audio in some)

Acute Stabbing Rib Pain:

Dancer’s upper back pain:

Muscle stimulation on the TFL muscle:

Could stop morphine: