‘Dr. M. is the most skilled and thorough chiropractor I’ve ever worked with. He has a wide range of knowledge of how the human body works and has been able to help me recover from injuries I thought were irreversible. If you’ve been struggling with pain or an injury, I strongly recommend seeing Dr. M. as your first step to feeling better.’
-Bill Romanowski

Four Time Super Bowl Champion

Let’s hear from a couple of patients.

This first patient was able to drop her dependence on opiate medication and turned her life around to the point, where she’s now my ‘Wellness Queen’ – an inspiration!

Our method’s foundation is an ever deeper understanding of anatomy and applying bio-mechanical rationale to our treatments. This next patient has been able to avoid foot surgery. Her foot pain up to that point was medically only evaluated as coming directly from her foot. After the patient mentioned a really bad fall onto that knee years prior, my light bulbs went off and voila, helping the lower leg bone realign with the upper leg bone made the foot pain largely disappear because the muscles stopped being all distressed!

Knee surgeries are discussed lots these days and are quite controversial. One of the problems we see is an over-reliance on X-rays for diagnosing and figuring out what to do. Below are a couple of cases of patients who had significant improvement in their knee pain and dysfunction.

A chronic case:
More acute pain:
Chronic hip pain:
Look here for short clips showing our work: